Bald-Faced Lies: 7 Hair Loss Myths Busted

For every strand lost, it seems there’s a myth about hair loss. But it’s time to silence the rumor mill and trust the experts instead!

Our highly-trained team at the Hair Restoration Center is setting the record straight – and busting 7 common myths about hair loss, once and for all!


MYTH #1: Hair loss is an unavoidable side effect of aging.
Hair loss can occur at any age, with your genes more to blame than the number of candles on your last birthday cake. Those with extreme cases of male pattern baldness may even begin to notice thinning hair in their teens.


MYTH #2: Mom’s side is to blame for baldness.
TRUTH: Although hair loss can be blamed on genetics in most cases, the tendency toward baldness can come from either side of the family. This myth is, in fact, nothing more than an old wives’ tale.


MYTH #3: Hats cause baldness.
TRUTH: Many people are alarmed to hear that the hat used to cover their receding hairline is actually contributing to their hair loss. But don’t worry, there’s no truth behind this myth, either. And while the chance is super slim, please note that friction caused by the prolonged wearing of very, very tight hats could possibly cause hair loss.


MYTH #4: High testosterone levels cause hair loss.
TRUTH: DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a byproduct of testosterone, is indeed responsible for male/female pattern baldness. But high levels of DHT occur in individuals with both low and high testosterone. The sensitivity of hair follicles to these hormones, which is likely tied to genetics, is the deciding factor of whether or not hair loss occurs.


MYTH #5: Stress leads to baldness.
TRUTH: You may experience some hair loss when faced with trauma, extreme emotional strain or anxiety, but it is temporary and reversible. There are no direct links between stress and permanent hair loss.


MYTH #6: Over-shampooing causes hair shedding.
TRUTH: Simply because you notice shedding in the shower doesn’t mean that shampooing is the culprit. As it turns out, not washing hair often enough can cause dandruff, which impedes hair growth, or excessive oil with hormones that encourage hair loss.


MYTH #7: Too much sun makes hair fall out.
TRUTH: Sunshine is not directly linked to hair loss, but remember that excessive exposure is harmful to skin. Sunscreen and hats are great solutions – and despite the rumors, won’t make you go bald!


Results like these are proof that hair restoration isn’t too good to be true!


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