Tech Trials: ARTAS Robot Beats Manual Hand-Held FUE

Even the best physicians are human – and this introduces an unwelcome element of risk that only robotic technology avoids.

ARTAS, the world’s only robotic hair restoration procedure, preserves and transplants healthy grafts, delivering natural-looking results and promoting hair growth that lasts a lifetime.

When compared to the incredible precision attained by the ARTAS robot, other hair loss solutions can’t compete. Procedures like manual hand-hand FUE (follicular unit extraction) are subject to human error and take much longer to perform, which introduces the risk of physician fatigue and inaccuracy.

The ARTAS robot, however, never tires as it evaluates each hair follicle’s health in order to select the best grafts for harvest – and produce the very best results.


ARTAS vs Manual Hand-Held FUE

Check out this compelling video compairing the difference between the ARTAS robot and a manual hand-held FUE. Not only is the speed remarkably faster, which prevents the possibility of getting tired and making a mistake – it also prevents over harvesting in the donor area.

Posted by Hair Restoration Center at Charleston Plastic Surgery on Friday, September 27, 2019


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